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Sexy Karina Golovata

Age: 21 Profession: Lawyer
The land of Ukraine is widely covered with love and its prolificacy is much higher than one in other countries. The beauty of Ukrainian mountains, rivers, grasslands, forest, and lakes is very difficult to describe by word. It invades and absorbs you by its immensity and grace. When you are standing on Ukrainian land you feel all this spirituality and mood uplifting because of plenty churches and monasteries.

In addition to that, I am very proud of the Ukrainian reserves and national parks. Due to the support of our government, the efforts of Ukrainians to have a healthy body and to protect the environment became very popular and became a part of a national policy.
UNEARTHED FACT: During my childhood, I used to pretend that I was drowning until such time that I really drowned. I was saved and from then on I never faked anybody again.
I SAY: Whatever you do comes back to you. Also, it is better to think many times first before speaking.
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Sexy Alison Grace Capron

Age: 23 Profession: TV Anchor and Journalist
One aspect of my country that makes me particularly proud is the benefits enjoyed by the children in our multicultural environment. During the last several years, the Turks and Caicos has experienced extreme rapid growth, both in the development of land, and the development of population that is quite large for the size of the country. Twenty years ago the population here was approximately 5000 people, now the population is approximately 40,000 people from over 66 countries. These people have migrated here from all over the world. This has lead to a population of children who have been influenced by many different cultures and languages. It is not uncommon for the children here to speak two to three different languages, some speak more. Three of the most spoken languages here in the Turks and Caicos besides English, are French, Spanish, and Creole.
UNEARTHED FACT: I am proud to say I have snorkelled in our turquoise waters with hammerhead sharks.
I SAY: The biggest thing to fear in life is fear itself is absolutely true.
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Sexy Gozde Zay

Age: 26 Profession: Model
Turkey has an amazing culture. It is separated from Asia and Europe but Turkey has influenced both. We are a country that is home to all races and we live all together in harmony.
UNEARTHED FACT: When I was younger, I worked hard as a team captain of handball to win matches.
I SAY: There’s no such thing as failure because as long as you fight for something you want to achieve, maybe it would take time, but in the end, you will win something for yourself.
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Sexy Rujinan Phanseethum

Age: 20 Profession: Communication Arts Student
We, Thai people are proud of our language because it is our own unique language which has a soft tone that is easy for listening. Whai, Thai’s way of showing respect, shows our courteousness and good manners. We are a Land of Smile and we live by it. Thai people are known for hospitality, generosity, sharing, and helping others.
UNEARTHED FACT: I saw a blind man singing on the street begging for money, I danced beside him to help him gaining more attention thus earning more donations.
I SAY: There’s nothing we cannot achieve if we are determined and focused.
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Sexy Evelyne Amasi

Age: 24 Profession: Model
The promotion of tourism industry is spectacular due to numerous number of tourist attractions like national parks and mountains. Tanzania has wonderful mountains such as Mount Kilimanjaro which is the tallest mountain in Africa. It is definitely a spectacular tourist attraction. The Ngorongoro crater is unique because of the species of animals living there along with human beings. Varieties of bodies of water such as lakes, ocean and rivers can also be seen. The tranquility and peace of the country is amazing combined with the hospitable nature of its people.
UNEARTHED FACT: No one in my family is shorter than 5’8 ft.
I SAY: The one who fails most is the one who tries once.
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Sexy Niuriki Teremate

Age: 21 Profession: Technology Student
I am proud to represent French Polynesia because of the diversity of cultures, the sceneries, the people that one can find in this country. French Polynesia is made of five different archipelagos with respective cultures, histories, and languages. It’s a beautiful country where the culture of hospitality is of prime importance. I am also proud of my ancestor’s legacy. First because of the values I inherited, hospitality, singing and dancing, legends. Everything that makes me proud of my country can potentially be used to promote my island- the beaches, the coconut trees, and the beautiful women.
UNEARTHED FACT: I enjoyed hiking in one of the most dangerous and remote places of Tahiti.
I SAY: Success and failure both allow us to grow. Success gives us self-confidence while failure keeps us humble.
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Sexy Graziella Rogers

Age: To be posted Profession: To be posted
To be posted
UNEARTHED FACT: To be posted
I SAY: To be posted
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Sexy Alejandra Echevarria

Age: 20 Profession: Finance Student and Model
I feel so proud of being Spanish because of the cultural wealth, plurality, and the artistic heritage of my country. I would like to promote of my country’s climate, quality of life, people, and cultural wealth. The people of my country are very hospitable and caring. And of course I am so proud of and I like to promote that Spain is one of the countries with more ecological initiative because of the elevated use of renewable energies.
UNEARTHED FACT: I remember the first Miss Spain Contest I watched on tv. It was when I knew I wanted to become a beauty queen and work in fashion.
I SAY: Success stimulates me to improve myself more in all aspects. As for failure, it is always a learning experience for me. The goals in life can be achieved if one has perseverance, constancy, effort and humility.
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Sexy Aheu Deng Kudum

Age: 18 Profession: Computer Student
I’m proud of my country because of its uniqueness. The country is inhabited by different ethnic group and we prosper economically. We are rich in oil and gold.
UNEARTHED FACT: At the age of 14, my relatives would rather have me married off to a man of their choice than let me go to school.
I SAY: No other person can make the decision for you. Educate yourself and be decisive.
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Sexy Chanel Grantham

Age: 20 Profession: Property Studies Student
South Africa is truly a country full of possibilities. And now that 2010 is almost upon us, I’m really proud to say that our new stadiums that have been built are world class. Not only arethey aesthetically beautiful but they also have been built according to all the green building guidelines.

Visitors of South Africa will be amazed by our hospitality, intrigued by our diverse cultures and delighted by the upbeat spirit of our people. We are the rainbow nation with so many different cultures that work together to achieve amazing things. I’d also like to draw attention to our beautiful blue flag beaches and our natural wildlife particularly our Big 5 (Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard).
UNEARTHED FACT: When I was younger, I was able to beat all the guys at cricket and dominated the pitch.
I SAY: Whatever you give out comes back to you.
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Sexy Lea Sindlerova

Miss SLOVAK REPUBLIC Lea Sindlerova
Age: 22 Profession: Translations Student
The Slovak republic is situated in the heart of Europe. Despite the fact, that Slovakia is a small country, it represents a great treasure inside. Slovakia is a beautiful and unique country. The most beautiful mountains could be find here, called the High Tatras. This gorgeous mountain range is the most popular center of tourism. There are many wonderful tourist paths for summer recreation and ski resorts for winter sports.

Monuments worth seeing are magnificient caves made by nature. The Slovenský kras karst is the largest karst area in the middle Europe.

Besides historical monuments and natural objects, I would advise any visitor to try out the extraordinary healing power of our thermal waters. In the territory of the Slovak Republic there are many mineral springs and huge supplies of ground water. Near the mineral and thermal springs, many healing and recreational spas have been built.
UNEARTHED FACT: My family are great fans of hiking. We visit the High Tatras- wonderful mountain range in Slovakia very often. Besides of hiking, we practice there all kinds of different sports like snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating or cycling, playing tennis and swimming in summer.
I SAY: The family is the most important part of life. They taught me to believe in myself and make positive choices from the very beginning and never give up no matter what.
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Sexy Valerie Lim

Miss SINGAPORE Valerie Lim
Age: 24 Profession: Behaviour Therapist
Despite its small size, Singapore plays a crucial role in the world economy. First, we hold one of the best airports and seaports internationally. This allows Singapore to deal with a whole host of traders. Secondly, with our multi-racial and multi-cultural society, we are all well-equipped at handling businesses from all over the world because of our deep understanding and respect for different cultures and traditions. With advanced technology and our efficient networks, we have the potential to become forerunners in research and development fields. This is beneficial to preserving the natural wildlife in Singapore, showcasing our natural history, at the same time, balancing development in the business and tourist districts.
UNEARTHED FACT: I went to China for a community project and our group stayed on a farm for almost a week and lived a simple life. We even went to work in the peanut farms. Staying in the sparsely decorated homes without the luxuries we’re commonly used to, was a vastly different experience. At the tender age of 17, I’d say that was pretty unusual yet highly rewarding experience to me.
I SAY: Success and failure are inextricably linked. One can never appreciate the sweetness of success without experiencing the heartache of failure first. Once you fall, the only other way is up.
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Sexy Varuna Theresa Curry

Age: 21 Profession: Customer Consultant
Samoa is such a laid back and beautiful island. The islands are surrounded by crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. It has some of the most beautiful waterfalls. The forests are forever green and moist. The people are friendly and hospitable. It has a population of approximately 170000 and therefore family values and culture are easy to preserve. Known as the cradle of Polynesian, Samoa remains as one of the only Island Nation which has not been commercialized. Make even more famous by Robert Louis Stevenson who called Samoa as the “Treasure Islands,” he chose Samoa as his home and later died and buried here. To maintain the beauty of my country, I do believe that through participating in Miss Earth 2009, it will help me to promote the importance of keeping Mother Earth clean and strong so that Samoa can keep its natural beauties.
UNEARTHED FACT: Both mum and dad and the entire family are mad fans of Rugby League in Australia and Samoa.
I SAY: Success can only be achieved if you give it your all. Failure is just a challenge to keep fighting and to keep moving forward.
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Sexy Xenia Podsevatkina

Age: 22 Profession: To be posted
To be posted
UNEARTHED FACT: To be posted
I SAY: To be posted
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Sexy Dignelis Taymi Jimenez

Miss PUERTO RICO Dignelis Taymi Jimenez
Age: 25 Profession: Lawyer
Puerto Rico is commonly known as “The Enchanted Island”. It has definitely earned its nickname because of the warm hearted people, beautiful tropical beaches and vegetation. It is home to an astonishing variety of natural wonders: rain forest, beaches, caves, oceans and rivers. Many of our beaches have been awarded with the eco-label “blue flag” a prestigious, international award scheme given only to a few coastal destinations that are considered to be the best in the world and who have achieved the highest quality in water, safety, facilities, environmental education and management. Also, it is well-known for its impressive national rain forest “ El Yunque”, which is among the 28 finalists chosen to become one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. In conclusion, although small in geographical proportions, the diversity and mixture of the people and its surroundings make Puerto Rico an ideal and fascinating destination.
UNEARTHED FACT: As a graduation gift to myself, I used my savings to an academic expedition to France and had the opportunity to visit The Louvre. As I looked around, I was ecstatic to see the famous portraits and sculptures that I was taught in my school years.
I SAY: In a way, failure and success has to coexist because one cannot appreciate success without a previous failure.
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Sexy Izabela Wilczek

Age: 23 Profession: Student
Poland is a paradise for those who do kayaking or biking. The best seasons are spring and summer months from May to September. The warm and dry September and October are called the Golden Polish Autumn because red, yellow and gold leaves cover the whole country. Our country is the home of rare bird species. The spring in Biebrza Valley is a special time because that’s when thousands of birds arrive. In Poland live more than 230 bird species. You can meet here true bird rarities, including birds very rarely met in the wild: white-tailed sea eagle, eagle owl, short-eared owl, corncrake, ruff. Every season is good to observe and photograph birds, and many sites in Poland are really attractive. You can experience an equally interesting adventure in autumn or winter at Hel, in Barycz Valley or in Bieszczady.

Also, apart from the excellent beaches, holiday resorts on the Baltic Sea also boasts historically captivating cities, great natural attractions, and a relaxed maritime climate. For those who likes skiing and hiking is ever then Poland is for you.

Thus, the most characteristic value of Polish nature is that it is representative for the whole European continent. Anyone who ventures to get to know Polish nature can easily become an expert on the nature of Europe.
UNEARTHED FACT: I flew above the Red Sea on a parachute.
I SAY: Success gives me power to action and conviction that everything is possible. It’s a statement that dreams do come true. Failure gives me lesson and improves my character.
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